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A Little Depressed

I woke up a little depressed this morning.

I paid my rent. Two more whole months to go before returning home. Something is wrong with my water bill at home... it is twice as much as it should be, which means I have a problem somewhere. Other nagging problems that need to be taken care of, but I can't handle them for two more months!

Tonight is the Bible study at sister Aide's house. She is Nicaraguan and talks so fast that I can't understand very much of what she says. And the ladies in the Bible class are country, and I can barely understand what they say. Oh, and of course, the preacher speaks Spanish too, and when he is teaching, he talks very fast, and sometimes I totally lose track.

And I wonder if I am doing any good, struggling so much with the language. I smile and nod my head a lot when I don't understand. I smile some more when they say to each other that I didn't understand, because I DO understand the words for "she doesn't understand"!

But tonight at the Bible study, Aida said, in Spanish, that she didn't want me to go home because she would miss me.

So I am feeling a little depressed, because I only have two more months here.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now :)

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